How to travel when being vegan ?

How to travel when being vegan ?

How to travel when being vegan ?

As a foreigner in other people's country, it seems to be tricky to find food and products that work best on your preference and lifestyle. The situation might become more difficult to a vegan who travels across the world. However, it is easy if you are well-prepared and follow some useful tips to help you manage the situation.

It will also become much easier by contacting travel agencies to suggest and give you advice about vegan travel. eDreams is one of the most popular agencies that you can rely on during your trip.

Get well-prepared

Collect all necessary tools that you may use to prepare your own food. This is the best way to make sure you don't taste any kind of animal food. Here are a few things that you should never forget when traveling:

  • Bring some fruits and other things that you can eat raw 
  • Bring vegan food from your home or from vegan restaurants to eat during the trip 
  • Bring a knife, a small pot, a punnet or other tools that you may need for food preparation 
  • Get to know if there are shops which sell vegan cosmetics and other vegan products in your destination country. Contact your online travel agency to learn more about the place.

Chose the right hotel and restaurant

You must stay in a hotel during your visit. There are many vegan hotels that offer specific hospitality to vegans almost across the world. The same with the restaurants, many restaurants specialize in vegan services.

So you can choose one of them for your accommodation in your destination country. Online travel agencies like eDreams can help you find the one which works on your situation. If there is no vegan hotel in the location where you stay, it is also possible to notify your accommodation to make special food for you.

Get to know several vegan foods

You may walk around the location for taking a walk or for the visit tour. You have to know more about vegan foods of the country where you are. These include street food (if you are a fan of street food), fast food, and other kinds of snacks. So learn more about that, you can: 

  • Surf the internet to get to know the common food in your destination 
  • Ask other vegan friends 
  • Ask the vendors before eating and drinking

Travel the world while keeping vegan lifestyle

As explained above, traveling as a vegan can be well-managed if you have the right method. This is not hard as many people think. The above tips will be helpful to you to stay vegan during your travel.

Besides, travel agencies are there to provide you with many suggestions and ideas related to the vegan travels. They can suggest on how to choose the best hotels and restaurants which are convenient to your situation.

You can also make the flight booking by contacting them. eDreams is included in the right agencies. It works with more than 1 100 000 hotels in 40 000 destinations.

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